FITT B-ACTIVE flexible hoses for in-ground pools: Italian innovation competes internationally in Lyon

The FITT B-ACTIVE flexible hose for in-ground pools was one of the stars of the Piscine Global trade show in Lyon, a leading international event for the pool and spa sector that was held 15-18 November 2016.

Why was FITT B-ACTIVE included in the “Piscine Innovations” section? Keep reading to discover the features that make FITT B-ACTIVE flexible hoses an innovative product that can compete in world markets.

FITT B-ACTIVE flexible hoses for in-ground pools – Italian ingenuity, global success

Flexible hoses for in-ground pools are not all the same. As we saw in the article Do you know how to choose a pool hose?, taking care in choosing in-ground pool hoses is a smart move that can prevent numerous problems.

The most common problem with in-ground pools is leaks in the hoses.
The main causes of ruptures are related to:

  • wear over time
  • external pressure from the weight of earth
  • chemical agents that destroy the interior walls
  • prolonged use of chlorine, which corrodes hoses from the inside
  • low-quality materials

How can we solve these problems?
FITT – the Italian company specialized in producing flexible hoses for the consumer and professional market – has found the solution with FITT B-ACTIVE, the flexible hose for in-ground pools that is a strategic investment since it ensures significant savings by creating an efficient system that lasts over time. (For more information, see the article How to save on in-ground pool maintenance costs).

In fact, the features of the FITT B-ACTIVE flexible spiral hose ensure:

  • the longevity of the hydraulic system
  • quick, easy installation
  • lower maintenance costs
  • 60% greater resistance to mechanical stress
  • innovative protection from internal chemical aggression
  • safe, worry-free pool management

In addition, the certifications and patents (already granted or pending) for FITT B-ACTIVE make it a safe, reliable hose that offers qualitatively better performance than the average competitors.

The high level of resistance is ensured by:

  • exclusive D-Shape (patent pending) and FITT B-ACTIVE (patented) technology, which protect the hose from mechanical stress
  • a thin, internal protective film (patented) that withstands chemical aggression from chlorine and the acidic environment
  • high-quality PVC, which offers high performance in terms of curvature and adhesion

Piscine Global Europe, a prestigious international showcase

FITT B-ACTIVE flexible hoses for in-ground pools were introduced in a world preview at the Piscine Global trade show in Lyon, the most important and prestigious biennial event for the pool and spa sector.

For four days, Piscine Globale hosted professionals and journalists in the sector, builders, distributors, public institutes, private individuals and designers from more than 100 countries.

This exceptional event is used as the setting to launch an average of 100 innovative new products. In 2016, a space was reserved for FITT B-ACTIVE, the flexible hose for in-ground pools – 100% Italian technology that is highly competitive on international markets.

FITT B-ACTIVE flexible hoses for in-ground pools, innovation is immune to crises

FITT B-ACTIVE flexible hoses for in-ground pools have found an ideal showcase in Piscine Global, the trade show for the pool and spa sector.

An established international venue that launches with each event more than 1000 new brands, services, solutions and products in the sector.

In 2016, FITT B-ACTIVE, the flexible hose for in-ground pools, was one of these products. Numerous laboratory tests have demonstrated that in-ground pool systems last longer with FITT B-ACTIVE. (For more details about the various tests conducted, see Systems for in-ground pools – why hoses are so important).

A new success for Fitt, a company that specializes in manufacturing hoses made of PVC and other plastic materials. For the Vicenza-based company that sells products on major international markets, this is further proof of the importance of investing heavily in research and development.

Would you like to learn why FITT B-ACTIVE is the ideal solution to lengthen and improve the life of your in-ground pool? Ask us for more information.

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