Stop all leaks and put an end to repairs for swimming pool installation.

A flexible FITT B-Active pool hose
is the safest choice for installers and retailers

FITT B-Active is the flexible pool pipe for swimming pool systems that offers
dual protection with 10-year insurance coverage and warranty
thanks to its patented technologies and indelible traceability.
This flexipipe product has been designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.

What does it do?

FITT B-Active, the swimming pool PVC pipe, increases the safety, functionality and life of in-ground swimming pools, with:

The lining of the rigid spiral (Spiral Protection Barrier) acts as a barrier that prevents premature embrittlement due to environmental stress cracking (ESC).

The spiral with D-Shape cross-section is extremely resistant to crushing (up to 34 kN/m2). Combined with the use of premium materials, it guarantees high flexibility and a smaller radius of curvature (up to 125 mm).

The CDS (Chlorine Defence System) film offers extensive protection even against high-chlorine water and acidic environments, guaranteeing lasting performance.

Protection and durability

Complete resistance to chlorine


Safe installation and great bend radius

Flexible spiral structure

What does it do?

10 year

10 years’

FITT offers a 10-year warranty and special 10-year insurance coverage to cover all third party damages,
including all costs for excavating, dismantling, re-assembling and backfilling the flexible pool hose.

The safest choice for installers and retailers

TÜV SÜD certification
The attainment of the TÜV SÜD brand is something which testifies to FITT’s commitment as a company and its attention to consumers. It also certifies product reliability as well as compliance with international standards and internal corporate requirements.
Internationally recognised, the TÜV SÜD certificate is only issued once a set of demanding tests and assessments have been passed. This includes an exacting periodical inspection plan to be carried out whilst manufacturing is underway which is aimed at keeping the quality standards to the highest degree possible.

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Who is FITT

A leading international company specialised in developing solutions for fluid ducting, FITT manufactures and supplies tubes and systems to convey liquid, gas and solid substances. Its cutting-edge highly technological products boast a superior design, are easy to use and deliver peerless reliability and safety standards.
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