Pool System: FITT B-Active Flex

FITT B-Active Flex is the flexible PVC spiral hose with inner anti-chlorine protective film (Chlorine Defence System patent), and rigid anti-crushing PVC spiral reinforcement (D-Shape patent). Even more resistant to mechanical stress thanks to the EVO TECH innovation that further strengthens the film covering the rigid spiral (Spiral Protection Barrier technology). The new EVO TECH technology makes the hose 6 times more resistant to cracking than other hoses.
Ideal for embedded pools and SPAs, FITT B-Active Flex is the suction and delivery hose fully Made in Italy.

FITT B-Active Flex LCA declaration

FITT B-Active Flex has been, first in its field of application, subjected to an LCA in accordance with international standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044, to analyse the impacts associated with the life cycle of the product itself and to compare the different technological alternatives available on the market. FITT carries out analyses of their life cycles in partnership with Centro Studi Qualità e Ambiente (Centre for Quality and Environmental Studies) – CESQA – of the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Padua .

What does it do?

FITT B-Active Flex, the swimming pool PVC pipe, increases the safety, functionality and life of in-ground swimming pools, with:


The new EVO TECH technology further strengthens the film covering the rigid spiral (Spiral Protection Barrier technology) and makes the hose 6 times more resistant to cracking than other hoses


The spiral with D-Shape cross-section is extremely resistant to crushing (up to 34 kN/m2). Combined with the use of premium materials, it guarantees high flexibility and a smaller radius of curvature (up to 125 mm).


The CDS (Chlorine Defence System) film offers extensive protection even against high-chlorine water and acidic environments, guaranteeing lasting performance.


CDS Technology

The resistance of FITT B-Active Flex to chlorine has been tested by putting the internal surface of the hose in contact with a saturated solution obtained by dissolving in the liquid trichloroisocyanuric acid tablets normally used in swimming pool skimmers, and bringing the liquid to a temperature of 60 °C for 48 hours.

As it can be seen in the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) analysis carried out by the University of Padua, the surface of FITT B-Active remained unchanged, while standard swimming pool hoses, without the original CDS technology, suffered chemical attacks that caused surface corrosion and bubbling effects. These defects can cause hose breaks at inaccessible positions, resulting in high repair costs.

Thanks to the CDS film, FITT B-Active Flex can fight chemical attacks from sanitizing products, and can therefore be installed in the direct proximity of the skimmer, which is where the highest chlorine concentration can be measured.

D-Shape technology

Featuring a D-shape spiral, FITT B-Active Flex is extremely resistant to crushing (up to 34 kN/m2) and extreme bending radius (up to 125 mm), making installation much easier even in difficult grounds.

Together with Dipartimento di Tecnica e Gestione dei Sistemi Industriali (Industrial System Technical and Management Department) of the University of Padua, we designed a protocol for the test for the validation of the strength of this technology, the results of which were certified by the international testing body TÜV (test report no. MEC16173.00).

Technical data


Conforms to Regulation (EU) no. 10/2011 for simulant A. Performance tests (mechanical and chemical) have been conducted in collaboration with the University of Padua – DTG Laboratory. Test certified by TÜV (test report no. MEC16173.00).
Working temperature: –10°C/+60°C.

FITT B-Active Flex Certificat

Phthalate-free (<0.1% weight/weight)

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