How to save on in-ground pool maintenance costs

In-ground pool maintenance often turns out to be expensive and complicated. Filtration, cleaning, chemical disinfection, leaks – there are many issues that can make expenses relating to the normal maintenance of in-ground pools rise alarmingly.

How can you solve this problem? As you will see below, there are a few simple measures that considerably reduce costs and worries, while leaving your beloved pool clean, safe and efficient. Let’s find out how.

Have you ever wondered how hose damage impacts the maintenance cost of pools?

In-ground pool maintenance is not as straightforward as it seems. For example, chlorine-based products are essential for keeping pool water clean and sanitized. In addition to ensuring that water stays crystal clear, chlorine protects against bacteria and other pathogens.

At the same time, however, chlorine and the acidic environment it inevitably creates are the primary causes of hose corrosion. Over time, the underground hose must withstand pressure from the weight of earth above it, as well as constant aggression from chemicals on its interior.

This continuous combination of stresses weakens the hose and causes cracks and leaks, which lead to unexpected and costly water bills.

What’s more, fixing a leak is complicated. Often the only option is to dig around the entire pool perimeter to look at the hoses and find the leaks. In addition to the substantial repair cost, the inconvenience of the work must also be considered (ruined garden, people and equipment coming and going, etc.). Here is some useful advice that could prevent these kinds of problems from happening.

Flawless in-ground pool maintenance begins with hoses – choose the right one!

This seems like a minor detail, but it’s not: choosing the right hoses during planning or maintenance is essential.

To avoid ridiculous water bills and exorbitant repair costs, in-ground pools must be equipped with hoses that are:

  • elastic
  • resistant to chemical attack
  • resistant to static loads
  • easy to install
  • flexible and suitable for all soil types

FITT B-ACTIVE is a flexible spiral hose that offers all of the essential characteristics listed above, providing informed, worry-free in-ground pool maintenance. Numerous patents attest to the efficacy of the FITT B-ACTIVE hose, which is protected from external mechanical stress and internal chemical aggression. To fully enjoy your pool in complete safety, choose durable components with certified quality.

In-ground pool maintenance – intelligent instructions for use

As you can see, choosing the right hoses is essential to in-ground pool maintenance. Chlorine and the chemical environment that exists in pool hoses are necessary to ensure clean water and protect your health. At the same time, however, stress from chemicals corrodes the hoses, leading to leaks.

By choosing FITT B-ACTIVE hoses for your pool, you can avoid one of the most irritating and, unfortunately, costly problems to solve – hose rupture and replacement.

Want to learn more about the efficacy of FITT B-ACTIVE hoses for your in-ground pool? Click here!

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