FITT B-Active FITT implementa la capacità produttiva per stare al passo con la crescita del settore piscina

FITT increases its production capacity to keep up with the growth in the swimming pool sector

25 years have passed since 1997, when FITT launched FITT Idroflex, the first delivery and suction hose for embedded pools. Since then, the experience and expansion of FITT in the sector has been strengthening consistently season after season.
Continuous research into materials, laboratory testing to guarantee the best performance and listening to the needs of the end users has led to the development of solutions that can fully meet critical requirements and resolve the main issues in the installation and maintenance of embedded pools.

FITT’s consistent growth in the swimming pool sector, which began in the mid 1990s, has peaked in the last two years, driven by the need to improve living spaces, especially the outdoors.

In order to meet the demands of an ever-expanding market and to keep up with the growing demand for spiral hoses, FITT has therefore chosen to invest in the creation of new production lines and in the efficiency of the existing ones.

Investments focus on two aspects: production and environmental sustainability.

FITT will put in place new lines that will increase production capacity by 30%. The expansion of the production facilities involves high-tech and interconnected equipment that meet the Industry 4.0 criteria, capable of guaranteeing increasingly high quality standards and greater optimisation of raw materials.

The new lines will also enable FITT to manage electricity and water consumption much more efficiently.

All these developments will allow FITT to promptly respond to the needs of its customers, users and partners, and offer as a result more reliable, sustainable, high-performance and long-lasting solutions.