FITT B-Active Rigid: Long-term pressure test

During the development of a new pipe, after the research on materials and its structure, FITT performs numerous tests to validate performance levels.

And also the FITT B-Active Rigid PVC-A pipe has, during its development, undergone the required tests, including a long-term pressure test to determine its long-term performance.

The test was carried out in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 1167 standard, which specifies a general test method for determining the resistance to internal hydrostatic pressure. The test was carried out at a temperature of 20° C, with an internal pressure of 32 bar and for a duration of more than 1000 hours.

FITT B-Active Rigid was therefore subjected to pressures ten times higher than the normal operating pressures, thus simulating the stress that the pipe is normally required to withstand during its useful life.

FITT B-Active Rigid successfully passed the extreme conditions of this test, once again proving to be, even for long-term use, an ideal, reliable and high-performance swimming pool pipe.