FITT B-Active Rigid: Long-term high-temperature pressure test

The R&D labs of FITT are continuing with their testing program for the FITT B-Active family of swimming pool pipes.

After undergoing a first the long-term pressure test at a temperature of 20° C, FITT B-Active Rigid was once more subjected to the same test, but at a much higher temperature: 60° C.

The test was carried out in accordance with  UNI EN ISO 1167 – a standard that specifies a general test method for determining resistance to internal hydrostatic pressure -, at a temperature of 60° C, with an internal pressure of 13.68 bar, for a period of over 1000 hours. FITT B-Active Rigid was subjected to pressures higher than the normal operating pressures, therefore accelerating the stress that the pipe is normally required to support during its useful life.

FITT B-Active Rigid was successful in withstanding such high temperature for more than 1,000 hours, showing to be the ideal solution for use in thermal swimming pools and technical rooms.