D-Shape, the innovative FITT B-Active spiral

The new, patented D-Shape (Patent Pending) by FITT, conceived with a view to extending the useful life and improving the performance of pool systems, is one of the features that make FITT B-Active– the flexible spiral hose for inground pools and whirlpool tubs – the safest choice for product installers and dealers.

FITT B-Active is made from PVC-P, inside which there is a D-Shape spiral which offers high resistance to crushing (up to 34 kN/m2). The D-Shape spiral also allows enhanced flexibility and a lower radius of curvature (up to 125 mm), which makes installation considerably easier even in rugged terrain.

Enlarged view of a section of standard spiral hose for swimming pools

Enlarged view of a section of B-Active spiral hose

If you compare the FITT B-Active structure with that of traditional flexible hoses, you can see that the latter have spirals with a circular cross section, whereas FITT B-Active features a “D” shape cross section, offering significant advantages as demonstrated in standardised tests.

To corroborate the claims about this new technology, FITT worked together with the Dipartimento di Tecnica e Gestione dei sistemi industriali (DTG) of the University of Padua, to create a test protocol reproducing the conditions of stress normally borne by hoses used in inground pool systems, and the final results were certified by TÜV, the international certification body (Test Report No. MEC16173.00)

Ring stiffness test

The ring stiffness test simulates the resistance of the hoses against ground weight. As you can see on the graph, the FITT B-Active hose (green) exercises a high resistance to buckling in line with the growth in force placed on it, with an increase of 60% compared to solutions on the market. This property is further enhanced by the use of higher quality materials, allowing the hoses to withstand pressures of up to 34 kN/m2, equivalent to almost 3.47 tonnes per square metre.

Test performed in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9969.

Radius of curvature test

The radius of curvature test demonstrates how far the swimming pool hose can be bent before collapsing. This figure indicates how quick and easy it is to install FITT B-Active compared to flexible hoses on the market which have a very low radius of curvature.

The graph shows that, as the ring deformation increases, the FITT B-Active (green) has a much more effective resistance compared to solutions on the market. Test performed in compliance with EN ISO 10619-1.

So, thanks to the D-Shape spiral, you can achieve greater crush and breakage resistance in hoses in addition to improved flexibility. This makes FITT B-Active the perfect product when building inground pools even when the installation conditions are highly critical, as proven by its success in tests under international standards.