FITT B-Active, the star of the site

Spring is here! This is the ideal time to build a swimming pool in the garden, ready for ensuring some comfort and refreshment during the hot summer months ahead.

In the rolling hills north of Vicenza, under the careful supervision of Acqua Tecnica designer Lucio Cattaneo, works were completed for the construction of a 3.5 x 10 m swimming pool during which FITT B-Active played a major role.

Directly connected to the technical services compartment approximately 5 metres from the pool, an overall of almost 100 metres of FITT B-Active were used for the creation of a circuit with 3 deliveries and 3 suction ports.

Thanks to the lightness, abrasion resistance and high versatility of FITT B-Active, the installation, in a bed of sand, was easy, quick and safe.

The D-Shape spiral system offers high crushing resistance, allowing the spiral hose to cope with possible less than careful handling and shocks that can occur in a building site environment.

Being internally coated with a patented high chlorine resistant film (Chlorine Defence System – CDS), and therefore capable of withstanding chemical aggression from sanitizing substances, FITT B-Active could be installed directly near the skimmer.

Last but not least, the Spiral Protection Barrier that covers the spiral also makes FITT B-Active resistant to stress caused by soil or system settlement (Environmental Stress Cracking – ESC).

FITT B-Active is compatible with both PVC fittings – using standard PVC adhesivesand compression fittings.

Fully Made in Italy using patented technologies, with its ten-year insurance cover and warranty FITT B-Active is the spiral hose that offers double peace of mind.