FITT B-Active: pressure testing for pool hoses, fittings and glues

The tests never stop at the FITT R&D laboratories.

The pool hoses and pipes of the FITT B-Active family and the pool fittings on the market, joined in all combinations using the most common glues, have been subjected to stringent pressure tests.

In order to prove the perfect connection and tightness between the various elements of the hydraulic system, the tests were carried out in accordance with EN ISO 1167 standard:  a standard that specifies a general method for determining the internal pressure resistance of thermoplastic hoses and pipes, fittings and accessories.

The FITT B-Active swimming pool hoses and pipes create total adhesion with the glues available on the market, without showing any fragility or weakening of the hydraulic system, thanks to the purity of the raw materials used for their production.

The tests were carried out at temperatures of 20°C and 60°C, to cover the entire range of use, and showed perfect tightness of the system connections.

The test results confirm the high quality of FITT B-Active Flex and Rigid swimming pool hoses and pipes, making them the most versatile solutions for use with the glues and fittings available on the market for the creation of a reliable hydraulic system.

Execution of the tank pressure test of a sample system consisting of two FITT B-Active Rigid pipes used in conjunction with a swimming pool installed above ground, connected by means of fittings and glue.

Pressure test results for a tank test of a sample system consisting of the FITT B-Active Flex swimming pool hose, swimming pool fitting, glue and FITT B-Active Rigid swimming pool pipe.

Tank pressure test of a sample pool system consisting of the FITT B-Active Flex pool hose, connected to FITT B-Active Rigid by socket and glue.