FITT B-Active Flex for the refurbishment of a swimming pool in Venice

In the stunning setting of Venice, the company Palladio Costruzione Piscine by RGN Servizi srl carried out the renovation of a large 25 x 16 m swimming pool. Rigon Raffaele, the owner of the company, selected FITT B-Active Flex to make sure to meet the wishes of the customer, who specifically requested the most reliable product on the market.

Over the years, subsidence of the retaining material had caused fractures in the pre-existing rigid PVC pipes, leading to continuous and significant water leaks. Due to the negative effects of the water table on the entire structure of the water distribution system, the installer took the decision to install flexible hoses rather than rigid ones, putting its trust into FITT B-Active Flex: the flexible hose made even more resistant to mechanical stress by the new EVO Tech technology.

The new EVO Tech technology further reinforces the film that covers the rigid FITT B-Active Flex spiral (Spiral Protection Barrier technology) and according to EN ISO 3994 makes it 6 times more resistant to cracking when compared with other hoses on the market.

Directly connected to the existing manifold, also completely rebuilt, about 1,000 metres of FITT B-Active Flex were used for the creation of a circuit with 11 deliveries and 12 suctions ports.

FITT B-Active was also installed in the direct proximity of the skimmer: the special patented inner hose layer, resistant to high chlorine contents (patented Chlorine Defence System – CDS), is in fact capable of withstanding the chemical aggression of the sanitizing products.

FITT B-Active Flex offers an additional level of reliability thanks to the D-Shape helix (D-Shape patent), which ensures high resistance to crushing and allows the hose to cope with careless handling and shocks that are common occurrence on a construction site.

Thanks to its lightness, abrasion resistance and high versatility, the installation, of FITT B-Active Flex in a bed of sand was easy, quick and safe.

The system passed the final pressure tests after the completion of the works with flying colours.