FITT B-Active also withstands extreme conditions

FITT B-Active has been put to the test once again by FITT’s research and development team. And this time too, the outcome did not disappoint.

To demonstrate FITT B-Active’s greater resistance to low temperatures compared with the most common rigid pipes in PVC-U PN 16 UNI EN 1452, an impact resistance test was carried out. FITT’s flexible spiral hose was tested against a rigid pipe, used in the construction of swimming pools, according to the EN ISO 11173 standard.

After having been conditioned at 0 °C for 24 hours, both FITT B-Active and the rigid pipe were subjected to the fall of a mass of 4 kg: from a height of 2 metres corresponding with an energy of 80 joules for the first, and from a height of 1 metre corresponding with an energy of 40 joules for the second. Unlike the rigid pipe, which suffered a brittle fracture on impact, FITT B-Active was only bent slightly and did not crack.

For FITT B-Active, the test did not stop at the 0 °C temperature, but was repeated at a temperature of -10 °C. In this case too, the hose resisted the impact extremely well.

In addition to a high resistance to crushing, FITT B-Active also demonstrates high ductility at low temperatures. This makes the flexible spiral hose a quick, suitable and safe solution that can be placed at building sites, even in extremely harsh conditions.