Double strength for FITT B-Active Rigid

FITT B-Active Rigid is the new FITT PVC-A rigid pipe manufactured using Shock Wave technology, which guarantees shock resistance even at low temperatures (down to -10°C) based on the EN ISO 3127 and EN ISO 11173 testing methods. Moreover, thanks to its 3-layer structure, the FITT polymer alloy pipe passes the pressure test completed following the EN ISO 1167 testing method, with a resistance to a pressure of up to 40 bar (PN 16).

Inside the FITT laboratories, equipped with latest generation machinery, individual samples of FITT B-Active Rigid were subjected to a combined sequence of tests: first the low temperature shock resistance test, followed by the pressure resistance test.

After being taken down to a temperature of 0°C, FITT B-Active Rigid (diameter 50mm PN16) was subjected to a shock of 120 joules, which it was able to withstand without crushing, in accordance with the EN ISO 3127 standard.
The same sample of FITT B-Active Rigid was then subjected to a permanent internal pressure test as required by the EN ISO 1167 standard: performance levels remained unchanged, in spite of the sample having been hit by a mass of 120 joules, corresponding to the weight of a beam falling from a stand.

The ductility of PVC-A, the special multilayer structure and the shock resistance even at low temperatures, make FITT B-Active Rigid the ideal solution for the construction of swimming pools, thanks to its capability of ensuring long-term functionality, even in case of shocks caused by careless site handling, or soil settlement.