FITT B-Active becomes two at Aquanale

The curtains have closed in Cologne on the 2019 edition of Aquanale, one of the most important world events dedicated to the swimming pool, sauna and wellness sector.

Once again, FITT pulled all the stops to promote its products in a unique and expert manner. Inside the stand, a path with different steps proved extremely successful in taking the visitors of this 4-day event through the innovative features of the FITT B-Active family.

A FITT B-Active family that indeed extended during this international event, introducing to the public FITT B-Active Rigid, the latest PVC-A pipe conceived by the FITT Innovation&Technology team that makes the swimming pool safe and protected from damage during construction and for the whole of its useful life.

FITT B-Active Rigid joins the renowned FITT B-Active Flex, the water suction and delivery spiral hose with anti-chlorine protective film (Chlorine Defence System patent), outer anti-cracking spiral lining (Spiral Protection Barrier patent), and rigid anti-crushing PVC reinforcement spiral (D-shape patent).

The itinerary, focusing around FITT B-Active Flex, gave visitors the possibility to ascertain for themselves, one by one, the unique characteristics of the hose: samples submerged in water with high chlorine content, to demonstrate their resistance and seal; hose sections subjected to Environmental Stress Cracking (ESC) tests according to the EN ISO 3994 international standard, and passing them without showing any breaks; samples to bend in order to ascertain the low bending radius characteristics that make the hose more flexible; and lastly, a press capable of reproducing the types of accidental stresses that can be suffered at the construction site, to test the crushing resistance of the product.

And in order to demonstrate its shock resistance at low temperatures, FITT B-Active Rigid, the pipe manufactured using Shock Wave technology (patent pending), was subjected to a shock test: in a machine custom-made for FITT, a 3 kg mass was dropped from a height of 1.5 metres on pipe lengths conditioned at a temperature of -10°C, which did not suffer any breaks from the impact. But inside the FITT R&D lab things went well beyond that: the same pipe subjected to the test was then put to work: the shock suffered by the pipe did not affect its strength, and its operating performance levels were unchanged.
This is due to the polymer alloy used to manufacture FITT B-Active Rigid, which absorbs shock impacts and guarantees extremely high resistance to crack propagation, therefore making the pipe extremely ductile even at low temperatures.

The decades of experience in the production of water network piping systems, combined with the utmost attention for the needs of the end users and a continuous drive for innovation, have allowed FITT to come up with FITT B-Active Rigid, which can also be used in conjunction with FITT B-Active Flex or other pipes and hoses, for the creation of safe and efficient water transfer solutions.